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  • If the admission is planned, please contact the admission counter (located on the ground floor) the previous day, between 8:00 am to 8:00 PM

  • During the admission process, you will be requested to answer a few questions by our admission personnel. You are requested to give the correct information in order to help us serve you better with the facts provided by you.

  • Allotment of beds is based on availability.

  • Sometimes you may have to wait for a short time till the room of your choice gets ready. Please bear with us for any inconvenience.

  • If it is a planned admission, you are requested to make the financial arrangement for the treatment and stay in the hospital prior to your hospitalization, including insurance approvals.

  • An initial deposit will have to be paid at the time of Admission for which a receipt will be issued to you. Once your bill exceeds the deposit amount, you will be approached by our Billing Executives for further deposit.

  • In case, the patient has been advised to undergo surgery, the patient will be required to pay a non-refundable OT advance at the time of admission. This will be adjusted against the final bill.

  • Whenever a patient is shifted to ICU or OT, relatives are required to vacate the room to facilitate another patient’s admissions. If the patient’s family/attendant wishes to retain the room, the patient will be charged for double occupancy (Bed charge + ICU charges)

  • Bed Transfer: In the event of patient/caregiver opting a bed transfer during the course of treatment from one category of the ward to another, the higher category bed charges and associated auxiliary charges will be applicable for the entire duration of stay

  • During your stay in the hospital you will be given interim bills by the billing department on a regular basis, to keep you updated on your bill amount. Subsequent deposits will be intimated to you from time to time depending on your treatment.  Please ensure that the amount is paid within 12 hours to avoid any inconvenience.


  • The management accepts the payments by cash (maximum of INR 2,00,000/- per admission and discharge), credit and debit cards, demand draft and NEFT.

  • Payment through cheques are not accepted. (Only in exceptional circumstances, if the account payee cheque is cleared by the bank before the discharge of the patient, such cheque payments will be accepted)

  • Payments should be made only to the billing department personnel and not to any other staff or individual.

  • Refunds are always made to the next of kin as declared at the time of admission. Refunds up to INR 5000/- will be paid by cash. If the amount is more than INR 5000/- refunds will be made by RTGS or cheque within 2 working days.

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