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  • The discharge process starts only after the consultant doctor gives discharge instructions in writing in the patient’s file. No verbal request from the patients or their relatives will qualify to start the discharge process

  • We have dedicated floor managers who will coordinate all necessary steps for a smooth discharge.

  • Attendants are requested to purchase take home medications and return excess medicines as soon as the physician determines the discharge and the same is entered in the medical record

  • Your nurse will inform you when the discharge process is complete and your bill has been prepared so that the attendants can go down to the billing department (located on the ground floor), pay the bill and collect the “No Objection Certificate” (NOC)

  • Upon producing the NOC at the nursing station, the nurse will give you the discharge summary and investigation reports. The duty doctor will explain the discharge summary along with other important instructions. The floor manager will help you in arranging transport (Ambulance, if required) and also set you up with follow up appointments. In case you require the wheelchair, stretcher, ambulance please inform the floor manager for the same.

  • Please check your room before leaving. The hospital will not be responsible for your personal belongings

  • Please vacate the room at the earliest after the discharge process is complete to allow other patients to avail the required facilities and occupy the room

  • Check out time is twenty-four hours, if the patient discharges after every twenty hours. Full day bed charge will be applicable

  • The hospital employees have been instructed not to accept any tip or gratuity from patients or visitors. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining this policy.


  • Please buy the discharge medicines and return the extra medication

  • Please return all food cutlery and utensils

  • Please collect the copy of the hospital bill and discharge summary 

  • Please check the wardrobe, furniture and bathroom for personal items

  • Please ensure that you have received the discharge prescriptions from the doctor. If you do not understand the instructions, please contact the nurse

  • Please book a follow-up appointment with your surgeon/doctor as per instructions the discharge summary

  • Please return the attendant pass and the visitor pass in the in-patient counter  

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