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Fellowship in Clinical Psycho Oncology

Eligibility & Admissions

MSc Psychology. The application window for the academic year 2023-24 is OPEN from 1st August 2023.

Last Date to Apply – 8th August 2023

No. of seats

2 seats

About the Course

Fellowship in Clinical Psycho-Oncology affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University offered by Sri Shankara Cancer hospital and Research Centre provides a comprehensive and rigorous training in the field of Clinical Psycho-oncology through lectures, seminars, clinical conferences, journal club, group discussions and on an individual basis as well. The fellowship program provides hands-on practical training in management of cancer and related psychosocial concerns. By the culmination of the program, students will be trained in:
- Routine assessment and management of distress among cancer patients and their families in clinical care.
- Offering pre-operative and post-operative counseling for surgical patients and assessing their psychological concerns.
- Conducting Pre-chemo and Pre-RT orientation meetings for patients under treatment are being regularly on a weekly basis.
- Conducting regular support group meetings on a monthly basis targeting different cancer population. Meetings namely:
1. Saheli for Breast Cancer
2. Aathmiya for Gynecological cancer patients
3. Majili for patients with stoma bags
4. Sahana for caregivers
- Sensitizing oncology professionals to the psycho-social needs of the cancer patients and assist them to cater to these needs.

Course Objectives

The department of Psycho-Oncology provides psycho-social support to the cancer patients at the hospital and organizes support group meetings through which group and individual counseling is offered to patients with different types of cancers. The department in collaboration with community oncology also undertakes many initiatives for the primary prevention of cancer among the youth and public. Currently, Psycho-oncology department functions at the hospital with an in-house psychiatrist, psycho-oncologist and psychologists on board with the following objectives:

- To provide integrated approach in psycho-social care to the cancer patients and their caregivers and incorporate psycho-social services as part of the cancer care.
- Thorough knowledge about various therapeutic techniques that can be used to enhance the quality of life while working with cancer patients.
- To identify the emotional and psychological concerns faced by cancer patients and their caregivers, coordinate with physicians of various departments and other healthcare providers in providing a holistic treatment.
- To build the scientific knowledge in the field of psycho-oncology based on the Indian population.
- To close the wide gap between current scientific knowledge and actual clinical care of patients.
- To provide counseling and comprehensive psychological interventions to cancer patients and caregivers throughout the cancer trajectory which includes acceptance of diagnosis, effective coping.

Course Duration

18 months. Affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS).

More Information

Support from the Institution
1. Stipend as per standard norms
2. Twin-sharing on campus accommodation (nominal charges)
3. Access to full-fledged library – print and digital
4. Continuous peer monitoring and support
5. Periodical assessment and mentorship
6. Rigorous academic schedule with participation in latest scientific developments
7. Nationally & Internationally recognized faculty and facilities

Course Faculty

Dr. Pavithra H
Ms. Betzy S Varghese
Dr. Ramaa Raju (visiting)

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