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Nutrition & Dietetics

Cancer is a systemic disease requiring multi-professional and multi-disciplinary care. There is  clinical evidence that combining anti-cancer therapies with pro-active supportive care (i.e., concurrent care such as psychological care, nutritional care, etc.) results in improved survival & quality of life. Therefore, meeting nutritional needs of cancer patients are one of the prominent factors in comprehensive management of cancer.

Intake of nutritious food and liquids during cancer treatment is important

  • to meet an individual’s nutritional requirements which is appropriate for their age, gender, metabolism and other health issues

  • to prevent other illnesses,

  • to reduce side effects/complications during treatment,

  • to promote faster healing and maintenance of weight

  • to reduce the length of hospital stay

  • to improve quality of life.

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Nutrition & Diet at Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

Professionally qualified dieticians at Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital & Research Centre help in identifying the nutritional needs of each patient and provide customized guidelines to ensure intake of right foods based on the disease condition and the biochemical parameters. Our team works as part of the oncological care team and the specialized diet kitchen team to meet the nutritional needs of our cancer patients.

Dieticians conduct nutritional screening & assessment of all the In-patients and OPD patients using validated nutritional assessment tools to understand the patient’s current nutritional status and then plan their diets accordingly based on the disease condition & co-morbidities. Dietary modifications are made according to each patient’s age, palate, associated comorbidities, cultural and religious beliefs.

At the time of discharge, each patient is specially counselled about the maintenance of a healthy diet at home and necessary suggestions for any supplements are also provided.

Nutrition at SSCHRC
Diet Kitchen at SSCHRC

Our Diet Kitchen

Our highly hygienic, unique and patient dedicated diet kitchen prepares fresh meals for all our patients and deliver it to the wards in enclosed trolleys through a dedicated diet lift.

During cancer treatment, some patients are unable to consume solid foods; to ensure the nutritional requirements of these patients are met, the diet kitchen at Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital & Research Centre has a dedicated liquid diet wing which prepares protein rich liquid meals for our patients. Each patient receives 7 fresh, customized, nutritious and hygienic meals every day during their hospital stay.

Our Experts

  • Dieticians are available in the hospital premises from 7:00 Am to 7:30 Pm(Weekdays)

  • Dietician & Nutrition OPD is located in lower basement (-2) and our dieticians are available for consultation from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM (Weekdays)

  • E-mail your queries to

  • Contact number: 080-26984489

Ms. Prachu Desai

Ms. Prachi Chandra

RD, MSc, PG Diploma in Food Safety & Quality Management


Our Experts at SSCHRC
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