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Breast Cancer – Care & Be Aware

A poem on Breast Cancer Awareness by By Dr. Sandhya Appachu

Consultant Medical Oncologist, Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

The incidence of breast cancer is rising,

And the toll it takes on the affected families is worth worrying.

Is there a method of detecting or preventing breast cancer?

And make it day by day a less terror?

''Be familiar with your breasts '' is what is told,

Then you shall detect early changes of cancer, you hold.

Painless lump in breast or armpit, any distortion in breast or nipple

Definitely should create in your mind a ripple!

Bloody discharge from the nipple or any untoward breast skin changes

Immediately should strike in your mind hospital/doctors images!

Scans and needle tests will follow on the breast,

And shall further put your sinister doubts to rest.

If u ask me, ''is there a way to detect breast cancer early?''

Yes, I must say, with a screening mammogram yearly.

Starting breast imaging from 45 years of age,

You must practise it strictly like a sage.

Seek a genetic test if history of breast or ovarian cancers in your family,

Pre and post-test counselling from your doctor shall help you surely.

A final word of wisdom - “you can prevent breast cancers too!"

Healthy diet, exercise and a modified life style is a must you need to do.


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