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"Saheli" - Virtual Support Groups for our Breast Cancer Patients

Emotional, logistic and physical support for our patients form the pillars of holistic care provided at SSCHRC. Survivorship support is essential to equip patients and caregivers rehabilitate to life during and after treatment for cancer. Given the current pandemic, "Saheli" - our support group for breast cancer patients was launched on a virtual platform as part of breast cancer awareness month.

3 sessions were held over 3 weeks to initiate knowledge exchange between professionals and patients for topics - Lifestyle & Diet (by Ms. Sonia of Dietetic & Nutrition Dept, SSCHRC); Yoga & Physiotherapy (by Mrs. Nandini of Yoga Mandir & Dr. John of Dept. of Physiotherapy, SSHCRC respectively) and Mind & Prosthesis (by Dr. Lohita Krishna of Dept. of Surgical Oncology, SSCHRC).

On 15th October, Mrs. Poonam Gulati of Knitted Knockers India, held a virtual workshop for our patients to Knit their own Prosthesis which was very well received by the patients.


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