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DrNB Gynaec Oncology

Eligibility & Admissions:

MD / DNB (OBG). Admission is through NEET - PG examination conducted by NBE.

About the Course

The superspeciality course- Doctorate of National Board (DrNB) in the field of Gynecologic Oncology was started in 2019 in India. This superspeciality course can be taken up after completing their masters degree (MD) in Obstetrics & Gynecology. The duration of the course is 3 years. During this period, the student is taken through the journey of cancer- from the development of cancer at the molecular level to the recent advances in Gynecologic Oncology. The student is exposed to all cancer surgeries pertaining to women's cancers- cancer of cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovary, vulva and vagina. The student is expected to submit a thesis on a topic of her interest and also publish a few original articles. The student is guided to actively participate in the regular outpatient clinics, tumor board meetings, journal clubs, clinico-pathological discussions, special clinics on genetic counselling and oncofertility. The student gets trained under supervision- in care of patients in the wards and in the operation theatre.

Course Objectives

1) To understand the pathophysiology of gynecologic cancers , its symptoms , diagnosis, curative treatment and palliative treatments. .
2) To diagnose and treat precancers of cervix which is the second most common cancer in women. To educate the professionals and public regarding the preventable cancers in women and enlighten them on available prophylactic vaccines to prevent cervical cancers.
30 To enhance the surgical skills of the students to do radical cancer surgeries pertaining to gynecologic cancers. The scientific evidence in the medical world is out and clear that patients survive for longer duration if a gynecologic oncologist performs the surgery as compared to a general surgeon or a surgical oncologist
who's not trained in gynecologic oncology.
4) To provide the appropriate treatment to the patient. The field of gynecologic cancer and research is progressing at a rapid pace. To produce world class professionals with knowledge in the latest developments in the field.
5) To learn the principles of imaging radiobiology, to tackle surgical and urological complications in consultation with respective fields, to understand chemotherapy and its complications, to deliver palliative treatment to the patients.

More Information

The trained doctor will be able to independently manage all steps in diagnosing, treating and preventing gynaecological cancers. With access to state of the art research facilities and mentorship from leading clinicians and scientists, the trainee will be able to develop the foundation level skills in conducting clinical and translational research. The trainee will also harness the necessary skills and knowledge to train future specialists in Gynaec Oncology.

Course Faculty

Dr. V. Annapurna
Dr. Rekha B R

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