MD (Anaesthesiology),
PDCCA (Cardiac Anaesth)

HOD-Consultant- Anaesthesiologist and
Intensive Care/ Sr. Professor

Doctor's Message 

Tava Tattvam na janami Kidriso si Maheshwara Yadrso si Mahadeva tadrsaya namo namah ||
I do not know the truth of your nature or who you are.What so ever your true nature is,my salutation O' Shiva.

Languages spoken 

Hindi and Telugu

Areas of Interest 

1. Understanding the role of Omega 3 fatty acids during preoperative period.
2. To study the effect of preoperative Omega 3FA in postoperative cognitive dysfunction in elderly patients.
3. To study the average rise in serum procalcitonin after various cancer surgeries and corelate them with the clinical condition of the patient.


1. Effectiveness of oral transmucosal Fentanyl Citrate in relieving breakthrough cancer pain, when compared to oral Morphin. Published in Journal of Palliative Care.
2. Principal Investigator for study on Fentonyl Spray for breakthrough cancer pain-Insys phase III trial.
3. Review article on Mayocardial Ischemic preconditioning in Indian Journal of Anaesthesia.


Reading Books
and Travelling.