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Molecular Laboratory

The Molecular Laboratory is the experimental research arm of our hospital and is also part of the Sri Shankara National Centre for Cancer Prevention and Research. The laboratory is located in Block 2 of the hospital and was set up in 2021 to carry out cutting edge molecular work which will become an important driver of clinical progress at SSCHRC and beyond.


Our research spans several program areas and pursues bridging basic and clinical cancer science with the goal of improving diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Our multidisciplinary approach include areas such as tumor progression and metastasis, tumor microenvironment, mechanisms of drug sensitivity and resistance, and epigenetic sources of tumorigenic traits.


Primarily, our work involves use of patient tumour specimens as well as in-vitro model of tumour cell lines to enhance our understanding of the biological processes relevant to cancer and to produce or validate new targets that might form the basis of new drugs or therapeutic approaches.


Our close alliances with clinicians place us in a unique position, allowing the Research Program to expedite translational research and make a significant impact on patient care.

Dr. Aruna Korlimarla, PhD

Principal Scientist

Dr. Savitha Sharma, PhD

Senior Scientist 

Ms. Pooja Melgiri

Ms. Ambili Narikot

Ms. Durgadevi V

Research Associate

Senior Research Associate

Research Associate

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Mr. Boopathy S

Research Associate

Mr. Hari PS

Research Associate - Bio Informatics