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Navigating the challenges in the PATH of Gyn Oncology

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Our Departments of Pathology and Gynaec Oncology conducted a CME in Gynaec Onco Pathology on 8th February 2020 at Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. The CME had several renowned pathologists and gynaecologists as speakers such Dr. Kedar Deodhar, Dr. Radhika Srinivasan, Dr. Premalata C.S., Dr. Latha Venkataram, Dr. Pallavi, Dr. Premalatha T.S., Dr. Veena R., and Dr. Julain Crasta.

The event had an enriching line up of talks, panel discussions, case discussions, quizzes and was attended by nealry 200 delegates from across the state.

Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital and Research Centre is extremely delighted to have started 2020 with a successful event for exchange of knowledge!


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