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The trustees of Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation firmly believe that in addition to provision of affordable treatment, prevention of cancer and its early diagnosis will save many lives. The primary objective of SSCF to treat cancer patients with a not for profit intent has been in steady progress with the continuous development of the hospital. Active promotion of cutting edge research in the field of cancer cure and prevention will accentuate the efforts of SSCF in reducing the morbidity and mortality associated with cancer.



This demands focused work by an institute dedicated to scientific understanding and implementation of cancer preventive measures. In the early years of 2015, the trustees of SSCF laid out plans to start Sri Shankara National Centre for Cancer Prevention and Research to fulfil the other objectives of the foundation which included developing interventions to prevent cancer and establish a scientific institute that will be a future power house of knowledge in the field of cancer research for the country and beyond.

Sri Shankara National Centre for Cancer Prevention and Research began some activities such as conducting awareness programmes and screening camps from May 2016. The centre was officially inaugurated and dedicated to the nation on 30th December 2016 by His Excellency, Sri Pranab Mukherjee, the then President of India.

Since the inception, Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation and its team have witnessed the many hurdles associated with cancer treatment in India and the associated physical and emotional trauma it causes to the patient and family. The only effective way to address these issues that are so closely intertwined is to build a sound, scientific understanding of these factors and develop evidence based practices/interventions to tackle them. Established with this intention and to produce high quality research in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, Sri Shankara National Centre for Cancer Prevention and Research comprises of 5 functional units/departments, namely,
1. Department of Cancer Epidemiology and Bio-statistics
2. Department of Human Behaviour Sciences
3. Department of Social and Economic Studies
4. Department of Community Oncology
5. Department of Molecular and Genetic Sciences and Research

In September 2017, “Longitudinal Intervention Study for Cancer Prevention in Chikkaballapura District” was initiated by SSNCCPR and SSCF following appropriate clearance by the Institutional Ethics Committee and Academic Advisory Board members to study the various causes of cancers and the scope as well as effectiveness of interventions for cancer prevention. This scientific study will cover a population of 13 Lakhs people over the period of 15 years. 

Our Experts


Ananth Srinath

MSc(Health Economics), PGDM

Director-Community  Oncology

Dr. Sanchitha Chandar 1.jpg

Dr. Sanchitha Chandar


Public Health Dentist -Community  Oncology

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