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PhD from Maastricht University

About the Programme

Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital and Research Centre is affiliated with Maastricht University, Netherlands for Doctoral PhD Programmes.

The prospective PhD Candidate will have to identify an area of research interest and develop a synopsis to share with the univeristy and potential guide. Upon registration with the university for the programme, the candidate will have to complete the necessary course work - if any, research work and submit the thesis for defense. The degree will be awarded after the successful completion of the thesis defense.


3-4 years, depending on thesis completion.


Masters level degree in relevant field. Open to all staff and faculty of Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation.


Professional and subject experts in the area of study from both SSCF and Maastricht university.

For more details on the PhD programmes, please contact our Academic Section at 080-26981033 / 080-46484451

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