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Support Groups 

Introducing "SAHELI" - Virtual Support Groups for Breast Cancer

Given the COVID 19 Pandemic, our support groups will be on virtual platform - Microsoft Teams - which will need a device such as a smart phone or a computer & an active internet connection. We will provide detailed instructions on how to connect & access the sessions. Individuals who do not have access to this can attend the sessions in person.

Click on the icon below to view the material for Nutrition and Diet.

Support Groups will Address: 

New ways of coping with anxiety, stress and loneliness

Practical information about treatment and resources

A sense of hope & empowerment

Holistic approach and improved communication with medical teams


Healthy Diet

3rd October 2020

at 2:00 PM

Topic: Lifestyle & Diet

Laughing Yoga

10th October 2020

at 2:00 PM

Topic: Physiotherapy & Yoga 

Image by Angiola Harry

15th October 2020

at 2:00 PM

Topic: Mind & Prosthesis

Workshop on "Knitting your own Prosthesis"

15th October, after virtual support group

@ Auditorium, Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital.

Limited Entries Only.



Kindly fill this form with your details and we will send you a link to the sessions by SMS and email. 

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